While M3 Networks primarily focuses on five business sectors, our business model constantly evolves as new clients reach out to us. Our core areas consist of:

  • Accounting firms: Accountants perform a great number of confidential tasks, and their computers and networks include the social security numbers of every employee as well as filings with the IRS and other governmental agencies
  • Architectural firms: These businesses access a tremendous amount of confidential information that includes blueprints of major construction projects and anticipated uses for a new structure for the immediate future and years to come
  • Contractors: Contractors implement the vision of the architects, engineers and property owner, once again operating with a high degree of complexity to deliver a fully functional structure
  • Engineering firms: Like architects, engineers are a driving force in the pre-construction phase of a project, as they help calculate the capacity of a building to ensure he can meet its intended uses
  • Health Care/Medical: From doctors’ clinics to hospitals to healthcare manufacturers and beyond, confidential information expands to include HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and is among the most treasured data that cyberthieves like to harvest
  • Law firms: Attorneys engage in some of the most complicated confidential work of any profession and their computers and networks are filled with everything from social security and Tax ID numbers to estate planning, partnerships and more
  • Additional categories: rom medical to manufacturing and nonprofits, organizations require that they can trust their confidential information remain as confidential as possible