Peace Of Mind

In a market that is extremely busy, M3 Networks provides us with the peace of mind that all my IT needs are handled. If an issue arises, they have the experience and the skill to quickly and completely resolve it. It is comforting to know that M3 has our back, leaving me with one less thing to worry about, while we balance other critical aspects of the business. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive, and that is how M3 operates. I value the fact that they always have someone available to address a concern and work as a cohesive team and share responsibilities very well.

Sarah Nix CSN Electrical Sales

Top-Notch Level Service

M3 Networks takes complete ownership and responsibility for your network, providing top notch level of service and networking expertise. We can rest easy knowing that we are protected by the experienced M3 team. It is like having your very own dedicated IT department working for you. We could not be happier with the level of professionalism and service that we receive from M3 Networks.

Rod Gabbert IS Manager
Power Service

They Understand What We Do

In our business, response time is critical for our operations. M3 Networks provides prompt service and attends to the needs of our business in record time. M3 Networks provides their staff thorough training and educates their team on our specific business needs. They truly understand what we do and what it takes for us to maintain the high level of service our clients expect from us. We trust that they always have our best interests in mind. If you are looking for an IT firm that is responsive and dependable, you should choose M3 Networks.

Linda Galbraith President
Alliance Operating Services

Extremely Responsive

Whenever we contact M3 Networks, our issues are addressed and resolved very quickly. Since partnering with M3, we have actually experienced less “incidents” which we attribute to their constant monitoring to ensure that we are protected from any potential disasters. M3 is the only IT firm that I trust because they are both extremely knowledgeable and very attentive to our needs while demonstrating how much they care about us and our business.

Brenda Smith Firm Administrator
Crowe Arnold and Majors

Worth Every Penny

Before adding M3 Network as a partner for our IT needs, we were handling our IT with an in-house employee. They were really needed elsewhere and didn’t have the level of technical training that we now enjoy with the M3 Team. M3 Networks has made a huge positive impact on our business.  We now enjoy immediate assistance when Windows and our accounting software decide not to play nice (those pesky updates). They have provided solutions for our network, cyber security monitoring, computer security training for our staff, and provide us peace of mind due to the extra backup systems they put in place. We are very pleased with our decision to utilize M3 Networks for all our IT and Cyber Security needs.

Josephine Gorman Sr VP
Gorman Co., Inc.

We Love Having M3 For Our IT Needs

M3 stands out by doing a fantastic job identifying exposure so you know what needs to be addressed. This was extremely beneficial to us. Another factor that sets M3 Networks apart is the speed in which they solve IT problems. M3 Networks has a consistent and streamlined process to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We feel so much safer from being held ransom by some bad actors thanks to our partnership with M3 Networks.

Julie Bird CFBS
Co-founder, Cornerstone Wealth Strategies

M3 Networks Is The Real Deal!

M3 Networks provides us with a team that is responsive and accountable. We know that we can count on them no matter how complex the issue is. This brings us such peace of mind and allows us to focus on our work and what we do best. The response time is impressive and the coordination and communication within the team is extremely helpful. Their willingness to go the extra mile to help resolve any difficult and outstanding issues is most appreciated. After years of trying out other firms and dealing with high staff turnover or mediocre response and results, M3 is the real deal for a solid, stable, comprehensive IT foundation to improve reliability and performance. We have not been disappointed!

Sayeed Attar DDS
Co-Owner, Advanced Endodontics

You’ll Be Glad You Chose M3!

Partnering with M3 Networks has allowed me to focus on running the company versus worrying about day-to-day IT issues. One noticeable difference we have experienced with M3 Networks over our previous vendors is the personal experience they provide. I never feel like just another client. If you are in the market for IT Managed Services, give M3 Networks a chance to show you how they operate. You will not be disappointed if you choose M3 Networks.

James McKellum President/CEO/CFO
Nationwide Skip Experts

Personalized Level of Service

Working with M3 Networks gives us peace of mind knowing that a team of seasoned IT professionals has our back has been worth every penny.  From my point of view, that kind of backing is necessary to enable our business to run smoothly so that we can keep our clients happy. The personalized level of service has been great.  We know who we are calling and M3 knows us.  That goes a long way because we don’t feel like we are starting over every time we call in.Try out the service, and the difference will become clear within a handful of
interactions with M3.

Graham Brizendine Director of Finance & Administration
Rogue Architects

You Get What You Pay For 

We have experienced excellent customer service from all team members at M3 Networks. We feel much safer since we partnered with M3, due to the cyber security trainings we are provided. When we call, we are always given top priority. The efficiency, attention to detail, knowledge of our specific software program, and assistance with voice over IP phone system has been a real asset to our business. When we moved offices, M3 did a fantastic job with the installation and created consistency between all computers. We have great confidence in knowing we have a team that's just a phone call away and is available 24/7. It's been heavenly on the management side of running a business that our computer and software needs are always met. No worry, no delay and always a solution for problems that arise.

Dr. Sandra Armstrong Owner/Pediatric Dentist
Giggles and Grins Pediatric Dentistry