What's Included in Our Managed IT Complete Plan

Help Desk – M3 Networks award winning help desk will provide service and support for every employee of the company with a response time of 10 minutes or less

Office 365 Licensing and Management – Office 365 licensing will be provided for every full user of the support plan as well as all troubleshooting, setup, and management

Backup and Disaster Recovery – Backup and Disaster Recovery will be provided for all critical systems 24x7x365, and data will be encrypted and de-duplicated to 3 secure offsite facilities

CIO Services – A Virtual CIO will work directly with you and your account manager to provide budgeting, planning, and executing of all IT growth and security strategies 

Multi-Factor Authentication - Multi-Factor Authentication would be set up and configured for each Office 365 account.  This will add an extra layer of security to the user accounts and protect data and communication through Email, OneDrive, Teams, Sharepoint and all other Office 365 products.  MFA will also be set up and configured for user VPN connections as well.

Email Security - M3’s cybersecurity package includes an advanced SPAM and malware filter for both incoming and outgoing email.  It also provides a remote sandbox environment to view, evaluate, and open any suspicious emails and attachments before it reaches an end users machine or your actual email server.  It also includes the ability to easily send encrypted emails if needed.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan - As part of our cyber security plan, M3 Networks provides you with templates to multiple industry recommended procedures and plans as well as guides you in customizing for your company.

Conduct Cybersecurity Awareness Training - The M3 Network security plan includes month security training videos as well as weekly info graphics to keep users informed.  We also provide you with reporting to see who is completing the training.

Manage Detection and Response (MDR) - a 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) that combines network visualization, threat hunting, endpoint monitoring, and rapid detection & incident response.  They are able to act within minutes to prevent or isolate attacks and endpoints.

Office 365 Cloud Response - Similar to the MDR for your endpoints, but for your Office 365 cloud environment.  24x7 monitoring and response to suspicious logins, access from out of country, large file copy or deletions, new administrator privileges granted, etc

Office 365 Backups - Backups for your organization's entire email server, as well as files stored in OneDrive or Sharepoint come with a backup system automatically.

Managed Application Control - Actively monitor applications running in the environment and determine whether they are approved or not.  Today, threat actors are using legitimate software and tools to access and control systems.  You can no longer only look at viruses and malware, you now need to evaluate what each application is actually doing when it's ran.

Password Management - Secure, encrypted, password management for each user using Keeper Enterprise password management software. M3 Networks will provide installation, training and ongoing support.

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