• How large does a company need to be to need your services?
    If your company has any financial value, then you need to protect yourself with a strong IT program.


  • What if I’m hacked and I don’t care if the cyber thieves keep my data?
    You might want to consider the value of your social security number, driver’s license number, bank account numbers and state comptroller and federal tax ID numbers. Giving that access to hackers can destroy your company as well as your own financial future.


  • What is the biggest mistake with passwords?
    Being too simple. An easy password takes an automated hacker program less than 1/100 of a second to break. By adding our simple system, it would take a hacker 15,000 years to break your password, and it’s guaranteed to be easy to remember.


  • What do you do that I can’t do?
    First of all, we offer three platforms. Tier 1 offers us coaching and you implementing the tools. Tier 2 offers us generating a detailed strategic plan that you implement. Tier 3 offers turnkey operations and we manage your entire IT operation.


  • How do I know how well my IT director is doing their job?
    Contact us and we’ll be glad to conduct an IT audit that can give an accurate score of your security .


  • How long does it take to transition over to you as a third-party provider?
    While it’s easier with the cooperation of an outgoing or retiring IT director, we have transitioned clients in a single day when their IT director or resource departed. We are experienced in all sorts of transitions. We have created an onboarding process that is as simple as 1-2-3 and it often takes place the same day that a client engages our services.


  • What is the biggest mistake companies make?
    When they get lazy and open email links without paying attention. Vigilance is essential to protect from Cyber threats.


  • How likely am I to get hacked or face a ransom demand?
    1 out of 5 companies will.


  • I saw you speak, and you mentioned “Pain.” Why?
    Human beings tend to take the path of least resistance because it’s the easiest route. We won’t call a doctor over an ant bite, but we’ll go to the hospital to repair a broken leg. It’s the same with business. You won’t normally make changes over minor irritations (pain), but when the pain – which often costs you money – becomes great enough, you seek out relief. We provide relief from that pain in your IT Department so you can concentrate on growing the success of your business.