Your “Back to the Office” Check-List

As businesses are re-opening, the transition back to an office environment brings it’s own challenges. Especially with new safety procedures in place, it can be difficult to know how to start.

At M3 Networks, we care about the physical safety of our community as well as their cyber-security. Here is our recommended “Back to the Office” checklist to help your business navigate this difficult transition:

Create a Schedule

Many Texas businesses are working with a limited occupancy. For work-place safety, create a “return to office” schedule for your employees. Consider creating this schedule based on employees’ abilities, desire to work at the office, and needs. For those not in the office, establish an ongoing “work from home” policy so they can remain productive. This allows for a safe working environment for the office and accommodation of needs and comfort-levels for your staff.


In an unusual work environment, keep your employees in the loop. Establish clear and regular methods of communicating with leadership as well as the entire staff. Be prepared for communication to require more check-ins and strategies than what was required for normal office functioning. Make sure they understand the health precautions in place and reassure them of the safety of your workspace. If you need recommendations for effective communication platforms or techniques, email us at

Prioritize Employee Health

Create new hygiene practices and regulations for those in your office including hand-washing, sanitizing of workspace, and closing high-contact areas of the office. For the employees working at the office, remind them to stay home if they feel sick. Create a clear policy for those who experience COVID-19 symptoms or come in to contact with someone who has to work from home for a set number of days. Supporting employee health during this time not only prevents the spread of the virus in your office, but allows your business to continue to operate in the long-run.

Stay Informed

Keep up to date with local government guidelines for safe businesses operations, as well as the latest information on local infection data. Your employees will look to you for how to proceed in the following weeks, and it is important to have an appropriate plan of action for the weeks to come.

If you need technology support or other business solutions through this transition- we are here to serve! Call us today at 817-500-5945.

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