What are My Kids Looking at Online?

Now that so many families are home-bound, you may notice your children’s online activities more than usual. Online safety is a primary concern for us at M3 Networks, and that includes the online safety of your family.

Here are some helpful ways to see if your kid is doing things and visiting sites you don’t want them to:

1. They’ve deleted their browsing history. What are they hiding?

2. The ads showing up are questionable. Marketers use retargeting to get you to come back to their websites. So if you’re seeing ads that make you go “hmmmm,” that’s a sign they’ve been visiting those sites.

3. They hide when using the device. A good rule of thumb is NO devices in bedrooms, or in any room that is not out in the open.

If you are interested in some website blockers to ensure your children are being safe online, here are a few resources:. For more information, give us a call at 817-500-5945.

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