Your “Back to the Office” Check-List

As businesses are re-opening, the transition back to an office environment brings it's own challenges. Especially with new safety procedures in place, it can be difficult to know how to start.

At M3 Networks, we care about the physical safety of our community as well as their cyber-security.

POP QUIZ: You’re hacked…what do you do?

Think fast: what’s the first thing you do after realizing you just replied to the e-mail from the Nigerian prince wanting to give you a sum of $34 million? Okay, you most likely didn’t reply to that…but let’s suppose you suddenly realize your machine or device has been compromised.

Catch Fish but DO NOT get SMS Phished

Clara and I finally got out of the house this weekend and went fishing at a local pond. While we were our my son Henry got a strange text on his phone telling him to click a link to unlock his Chase bank account. Huh, he said what the heck is this?!?!?! Henry is only a teen but he was smart enough to delete the text message immediately.

Important Corona Virus Scam Update

An important update from our Founder and CEO, Michael Moore.

Scams You Should Be Aware Of

In the middle of the corona virus crisis, scammers are working overtime to take advantage of the current climate of fear. False emails from the CDC, robocalls, calls from the "government" requesting sensitive information for your stimulus package- there are many new strategies at work to try and compromise your security.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Don’t just close your browser!

When online accessing a banking site or any other application containing sensitive data, make sure you log out of the site and THEN close your browser. If you simply close your browser, some of the session information that a hacker can use to gain entry is still running in the background.

Hello world!

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Protecting Your Personal Info From Cybersecurity Threats

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Cyber criminals don’t take a day off and neither should consumers when it comes to keeping your devices and your personal information safe.

Cyber criminals don’t take a day off and neither should consumers when it comes to keeping your devices and your personal information safe.

If Your Password Is Listed Here, Change it NOW!

Keeping track of all your passwords can be very tedious, so we completely understand why you might want to make them as simple as possible. However, this could be one of the worst mistakes you make. Check out this list by KeeperSecurity of the most common passwords in 2016. Keeper Security manages passwords and looked at over 10 million passwords to come up with these findings.

Keep Sensitive Data OFF Employee Equipment

If a laptop is stolen, even a strong password will likely get cracked. Once the thief succeeds, any private data that is unencrypted is free for the taking. One solution: keep sensitive data on a secure private cloud service, so it's never on your employers hard drive in the first place.