Tech Tip Tuesday: If you’ve ever said this, you’re ASKING to be hacked!

Want to know what every hacker hopes you believe? “We’re small…nobody wants to hack us.” This is the #1 reason why people (companies) get hacked. They dismiss the importance of IT security because they’re only a “small business.” This is a lazy, irresponsible excuse. One thing is for certain: NO ONE is immune to cybercrime.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Your firewall is USELESS unless…

A firewall is a device that acts like a security cop watching over your computer network to detect unauthorized access and activity – and EVERY business and individual needs one. However, your firewall is completely useless if it’s not set up or maintained properly. Your firewall needs to be upgraded and patched on a continual

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Make THIS Password Different From Everything Else

You know you’re guilty of it: using the same password for everything. Believe me, I understand how annoying it is to try and remember all those passwords; and if you’re using the same password for sites that don’t share sensitive information, like a login to a news feed you like to read, then it’s generally

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Set up bank alerts – NOW!

Here’s a tip that just might save your bacon: Set up withdrawal alerts on your bank accounts. Many banks will send you an e-mail alert whenever money is withdrawn from your account via check, debit card or transfer. Setting up those alerts will allow you to spot and report fraudulent activity BEFORE the money has

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Cyber Security Month 2019: Protect It.

  Modern technology has done so much to merge our identities with our online presence. While this makes our daily lives easier, it also makes it easier for cyber-criminals to steal your information and commit identity theft. As an example, in 2018 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received over 167,000 reports from individuals claiming misused

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Cyber Security Month 2019: Secure It.

When it comes to cyber-attacks, businesses have a lot to lose. In 2018, the business sector experienced 571 breaches- the largest amount ever recorded. How were so many businesses vulnerable to attacks? The answer is simple—human error. Cyber-criminals take advantage of any human error they can find within your business- patches, employees failing to update

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Cyber Security Month 2019: Own It.

When it comes to online privacy, it’s easy to be vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Especially in today’s world, the internet interacts with all parts of our daily lives- our communication, our shopping, our work, even our bank accounts and medical records. All of this information is susceptible security breaches, which are more common than

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