Catch Fish but DO NOT get SMS Phished

Clara and I finally got out of the house this weekend and went fishing at a local pond. While we were our my son Henry got a strange text on his phone telling him to click a link to unlock his Chase bank account. Huh, he said what the heck is this?!?!?! Henry is only a teen but he was smart enough to delete the text message immediately. Unfortunately, this was an evil attempt at trying to hack my child’s phone and ultimately do bad things like steal his personal information. This attempt to steal information or steal access through text is called SMS phishing and SMS phishing massively on the rise. If you click the link the hacker can take over your device and ultimately steal your life. If you get a text message from an unknown person the best thing you can do is delete the text immediately. This is happening to people and companies like a raging wildfire. Hacker organizations are working 24×7 and getting richer than ever. Another thing we should all be doing is letting the vulnerable folks in our life know to not open text messages from unknown people. During this time children and the elderly are especially being taken advantage of and having their identities stolen on the dark web.

Now let’s get serious for a minute.

Here below is an example of an SMS Phishing message being sent to a cell phone. It seems harmless enough and a lot of people, unfortunately, click first and assume nothing happened. Something did happen and something very bad will happen. In most cases with identity theft via SMS phishing your data isn’t actively used for 1-3 years this means you’ll likely lose awareness that you had your data stolen long before someone does something bad with it.

These dangers are on the rise and we want to help to keep yourself safe and secure.

#1 – DO NOT click links from unknown people

#2 – call your local IT security expert to keep you safe and up to date with the “cyber security weather report”.

Schedule a 13-minute cybersecurity consult with us today. Stay safe. This too will pass.

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