Your “Back to the Office” Check-List

As businesses are re-opening, the transition back to an office environment brings it's own challenges. Especially with new safety procedures in place, it can be difficult to know how to start.

At M3 Networks, we care about the physical safety of our community as well as their cyber-security.

Cloud Services help You Stay Connected

Despite social distancing measures, people are still able to connect to one another, thanks to the cloud. Cloud computing helps buoy economies For many people, being forced to stay at home means being unable to earn money or spend money on in-person services and activities that form dense congregations, such as watching movies or attending […]

POP QUIZ: You’re hacked…what do you do?

Think fast: what’s the first thing you do after realizing you just replied to the e-mail from the Nigerian prince wanting to give you a sum of $34 million? Okay, you most likely didn’t reply to that…but let’s suppose you suddenly realize your machine or device has been compromised.

Catch Fish but DO NOT get SMS Phished

Clara and I finally got out of the house this weekend and went fishing at a local pond. While we were our my son Henry got a strange text on his phone telling him to click a link to unlock his Chase bank account. Huh, he said what the heck is this?!?!?! Henry is only a teen but he was smart enough to delete the text message immediately.

Important Corona Virus Scam Update

An important update from our Founder and CEO, Michael Moore.

Scams You Should Be Aware Of

In the middle of the corona virus crisis, scammers are working overtime to take advantage of the current climate of fear. False emails from the CDC, robocalls, calls from the "government" requesting sensitive information for your stimulus package- there are many new strategies at work to try and compromise your security.

Tech Tips: Proper “Work From Home” Gear

One of the major hurdles of shifting to a work-from-home setup is that the hardware your employees have at home can be very different from what they’re used to at the office. More than their computers and smartphones, these are the things your staff will need to set up their own home office.

What are My Kids Looking at Online?

Now that so many families are home-bound, you may notice your children's online activities more than usual. Online safety is a primary concern for us at M3 Networks, and that includes the online safety of your family.

Here are some helpful ways to see if your kid is doing things and visiting sites you don’t want them to:

1. They’ve deleted their browsing history.

How businesses are impacted by COVID-19

Businesses and consumers are facing a lot of uncertainty because of the coronavirus pandemic. As COVID-19 continues to spread, one thing that seems certain is that it will impact businesses, particularly the way they operate and use technology. Increased reliance on communications technology The need for remote interactions and stronger communications technology will inevitably increase.

OneNote: Microsoft’s most underrated app

The hidden gem of Microsoft Office, OneNote has your digital note-taking needs covered. This piece of software is essentially a digital notebook in which you can organize or visualize your ideas using text, video, audio, and other multimedia sources.